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Breach Launches First Major Content Drop

4v1 action RPG Breach officially launched their first major monthly update today, Patch 0.1: Valley of Kings. With it comes a new class, in the Medic Hero, which will surely create plenty of new gameplay strategies. Medics summon Microbots to follow around other heroes and heal them over time and can redirect them to converge on enemies for burst damage. Their ultimate radios in a Microbot’s Triage routine, which gradually repairs the wounds of all allies in a set area.

Also featured in Valley of Kings is a new map of the same name, and the debut of a new Boss – Sekhmet, the Egyptian Warrior Goddess. With this also comes performance optimizations, a new ranking system, and the ability to queue as Hero/Veil Demon Only. Improvements to key bindings, graphics options, greater randomization of enemies, and win-loss stat tracking can also be found in this update.

QC Games is also proud to announce their first invitational tournament to be featured on Twitch, Mixer and Facebook on March 2, 2019, where top livestreamers will compete for their share of $10,000. As part of the celebration, viewers will be given the chance to win NVIDIA graphics cards and an Alienware PC, with more details to follow. Starting today, players can now purchase the $10 Early Access Pass, a new bundle that includes access to Breach, a 30-day XP/Gold boost, and 2,000 QC Points (a $20 value). Additionally, in thanks for supporting Breach, QC Games is giving all supportive fans who purchased a Founder’s Pack during the first month of Early Access 3,000 QC points ($30 value).

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