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Brawlhalla Patch 3.42: MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL Championship

The latest Brawlhalla patch. 3.42 is celebrating the MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL Championship, and features something new: The first earnable in-game cosmetics! It’s also not too late to register for the GAME FUEL Championship, in the link below. There’s $40,000 on the line, and everyone is welcome to compete! The only way to get better at a fighting game is to play and challenge yourself against the best of the best. But what can you unlock and how? We have it below. Also, the full patch notes can be found here.


  • Charged Bödvar Gamer Avatar
    • Earn this free avatar by simply logging on during the event!
    • Face your competition with charged power!
  • Charged Ada Gamer Avatar
    • “Winner takes all.”
    • Purchasable with your hard-earned Gold for a limited time!


  • Sweet Taste of Victory Taunt
    • Earn this free Taunt by gaining XP through queue matches!
    • Show your opponents how victory can taste.


  • Charged OG Colors
    • Earn these free Colors by winning match made games for each Legend!
    • Feel the charge with these black, green, and white colors.
    • Available for every Legend!
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