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NEOWIZ is commemorating the anniversary of Brave Nine in extravagant style, introducing a slew of new content with today’s update. The mobile Strategy RPG, formerly known as Brown Dust, is receiving the much-anticipated World Arena, additional Companions, and a new dungeon, the Underground Evil Castle. What’s more, events and rewards for new and returning players alike, along with a special gift box costing just 2 Gold via the Hot Deal store, will be made available.

“It’s been a year since we launched the game globally, and two since we first shared our Mercenaries’ tales in Japan,” said Sean Kim, game director. “With a new name and an ever-growing stable of content, Brave Nine is better than ever. We can’t wait to show our players what we have in store this year.”

The World Arena is sure to be the hottest new feature in Brave Nine. Hosted monthly for a week, World Arena is a global cross-server PVP mode through which top players from around the globe can compete to see who has the best strategy and reap the rewards for coming out on top. For our PVE-minded players, a brand new 30-floor Underground Evil Castle will open, with loads of loot to be found within.

And what would a new content update be without new Companions? Destiny, Sophia, and Emma are joining the fray as Companions for existing Mercenaries Edin, Veronia, and Jayden. More info on these new Companions, plus full details on the new game modes can be found via the Official Facebook Page.

Free Anniversary Package Info
In celebration of the game’s anniversary, players on the ‘Americas’ server can redeem the code “braveninearticle” via the Coupon Code form in-game or on the web, and will obtain the special reward ‘Anniversary Package’ (Limit 1 Per Account) containing 20 Premium Scrolls, eight Emerald Slimes, 100 Normal scrolls, five ★3 Rank-Up Stars, and 250,000 Gold. This coupon will expire on March 14th 23:59 UTC.

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