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BossKey Studios Releases Early Access for Battle Royale ‘Radical Heights’

Though BossKey Studios’ Lawbreakers was not a success, CliffyB decided to turn their attention instead to the popular Battle Royale style games, with ‘Radical Heights’. Radical Heights is a Battle Royale game with a very bright 1980s aesthetic set in a sunny Southern California dome, where you loot for weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and Cash that you take with you regardless of victory or defeat. They plan on developing the game around the feedback, wants and needs of the playerbase, and is presently free-to-play on Steam.  Everyone in Radical Heights is trying to be rich and famous, and risking it all can see success or defeat in equal measures.

“Radical Heights is a five month passion project for the studio as we’re creating and publishing the game entirely by ourselves,” said Zach Lowery, Creative Director of Radical Heights. “We’re huge fans of Battle Royale games along with the bright, inviting irreverence of the 80’s aesthetic. Because of that, we want to put our own spin on the genre and create a futuristic 80’s world that takes place in 2023 during an over-the-top game show where contestants battle it out for fame and prizes”.

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