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Blade & Soul Secrets of the Stratus Teaser

Blade & Soul reveals its Secrets of the Stratus update, bringing Act 7 to the game on April 12!

The update will introduce:

  • An overhauled skill system that keeps the same skills but simplifies the interface and build shifting;
  • The Hongmoon Training room, a solo instance for practice;
  • Three new PvE areas:
    • Naryu Sanctum – The most difficult 6-member heroic dungeon to date, stuffed with incredible rewards including a new legendary bracelet
    • Celestial Basin – A new open-world area for solo/casual players with new Mystic Badges
    • Mushin’s Tower F16-20 – The deadly boss Yunsang awaits players looking to score the fastest kill on the new Mushin’s Tower leaderboards
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