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Black Desert on Xbox One Releases Mystic Class Today

Do you love the Mystic Class in Black Desert but prefer to play on the console? Well, the Mystic Class is being added today in a free update. The Mystic is a powerhouse that pummels her foes using martial arts. Those who enjoy close-range combat want to try the Mystic. The Mystic Class uses two key weapons, the Gauntlets, and Vambrace. They will give her the ability to use a wealth of powerful skills.

Teaser Mystic Skills:

  • Wolf’s Frenzy – Mystic hides in the shadows and unleashes a barrage of hits against her enemies.
  • Rage Hammer – Unleashes her inner power into a massive attack onto the ground, knocking down foes.
  • Soul Basher – Mystic performs a flurry of kicks that deals damage to her enemies.
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