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Kunoichi, the Mistress of Blades, has finally come to Black Desert on PlayStation, possessing a kunai shortsword and the following skills:

  • Flash Slash – Kunoichi disappears and unleashes powerful hits upon her enemies.

  • Kuno Stab – Using her elite reflexes, Kunoichi uses her Kunai to stab the vitals of her enemies, rendering them useless.

  • Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion – The Kunoichi draws power from the shadows and unleashes an explosion in front of her, knocking back opponents.

  • Tragic Blade – The Kunoichi deceives her opponents to think that she is vulnerable, and during their next attack she picks the opportune moment to strike a killing blow.

In addition, Adventurers can enjoy a new weapon and combat style unlocked through Kunoichi’s awakening event. By reaching level 56, Kunoichi can be awakened, allowing them to use their new weapon, the Chakram. She can utilize this weapon to defeat her enemies with new devastating combos.

Awakening Skills

  • Lethal Spin Spree – The Kunoichi grabs her Sah Chakram with both hands and spins, using centrifugal force to deliver devastating damage to enemies around her.

  • Chain Crash – The Kunoichi releases the Sah Chakram as it spins into her enemies hitting them multiple times.

  • Half Moon Slash – Swiftly moving side to side, the Kunoichi uses that momentum to deliver powerful hits and recover her WP.

  • Wheel of Wrath – Unleashing the rage pent up inside, Kunoichi unleashes a powerful upward strike then immediately brings her enemies back down to earth with a downward attack.

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