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Black Desert Online’s Mystic Class Awakens Soon

Start the year off right with a water-based class in the Mystic, for Black Desert Online. January 3rd 2018 is the big date when this class will Awaken, channeling the forces of the ocean in combat. To celebrate, there is a host of holiday sales starting today with package deals and in-game Pearl Shop discounts. Having joined Black Desert Online’s roster last week, the Mystic is an agile fighter who specializes in fast-paced martial arts techniques. With the help of her Awakening Weapon, Cestus, her blows take on the power of rushing waters. Pierce through your enemies using Spiral Torpedo, pull your foes to an orb of water with Dragon’s Rip, or send them flying with Tidal Burst. The Awakening Quest is available starting January 3rd if you have reached level 56.

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