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Black Desert Online’s Fairy System Goes Live Tomorrow

After tomorrow’s maintenance for Black Desert Online, the long-awaited Fairy Update will officially go live. Peaceful creatures under Queen Theiah, a golden rift broke open in the fairy world, and the curious Laila traveled through it to the world of Black Desert. Completing a recurring quest will allow players to seek Laila fairies as companions, each able to learn different skills that benefit their characters and can make their adventure far more enjoyable. To give more character and personality, Melissa Hutchison was chosen to cover Laila’s in-game voice. The talented voice actress is known amongst many gamers for her work on Telltale’s The Walking Dead series where she has voiced the main character, Clementine. She also delivered the voice work for League of Legends’ champion Ashe.

Laila exists in 4 different tiers, where the tier indicates the maximum level of which the fairy can grow towards. At every 10 levels, Laila will be able to obtain a random skill. All fairies automatically learn and equip the Luck +1 skill which increases the chance of obtaining rare items. Adventurers can grow and level their Laila by feeding her equipment such as Rocaba and Grunil or the item Sweet Honey Wine, which is a craftable item in Black Desert Online. The level cap for the highest tier fairy is 40. She can provide a lantern function in the dark, water consumption in the desert, underwater breathing, instant resurrection without penalties, and even auto-potion consumption when your HP is low.

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