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Black Desert Online’s Battle Royale Enters Early Access

The Shadow Arena is Black Desert‘s Battle Royale Mode, and officially enters Early Access today. Anyone who has purchased the game or is currently a part of the 7-Day Free Trial can participate in Shadow Arena tests. It has a limited capacity though, and is only available for testing during certain times (listed in the link below). Up to 50 players will do battle in the Shadow Arena for survival. It’s up to the players to gather supplies and outwit their opponents.

All players start with their ‘Black Spirit’ that can possess the bodies of one of the playable classes in Black Desert. The Early Access version will have Warrior, Sorceress, Berserker, Tamer, Valkyrie, Wizard, Witch, Dark Knight and Mystic.¬†By roaming the arena after finding their preferred class, players can gather skills, weapons, armor, accessories and special items such as flares, potions, traps and more. It will be essential for victory¬†that players strategically acquire their skills and items to deal with the opposition.

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