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A new update is live in Black Desert, bringing the Ninja class to life. Here’s a brief teaser of the upcoming class. The Ninja is a high-skill fighter that excels in agility, using dashes, aerial skills, and teleportation to rapidly close the distance to enemies. His attacks will be useful against the two new guild bosses – the electrifying Ancient Puturum in Valencia and the ghastly Muskan of Madness in Serendia.

Ancient Puturum uses powerful electric attacks and can also regain HP by flying into the air to gather up more energy. Muskan of Madness, however, is a more grounded battle, but will still require intense teamwork to overcome. Those who conquer either of these guild bosses can receive powerful new items and equipment. Also included in this update for players leveling beyond 57, are Marni Stones. By purchasing Marni Stones for each monster type, and achieving specific bounties, these can be turned in for more experience. The full patch notes can be found in the link below.

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