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Black Desert Mobile Launches Yacha Class

Pearl Abyss announced that Black Desert Mobile has arrived with a new class ‘Yacha’.

The newly introduced Yacha, is an awakening class that engages in hefty melee combat like an uncontrollable beast. Yacha is “the Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield” as this new class has control over the physical manifestation of its energy called the Echo Spirit. This new class has the capability to shake up the battlefield with focused bursts through its remarkable combo attacks with its Echo Spirit.

The new class Yacha will have access to 4 active skills upon creation, starting with the Spirit Burst skill which will allow the new class to embrace their carnal rage and charge forward to eviscerate their enemies. The Eagle Drop skill will enable him to leap forward and perform a heavy kick into the ground together with the Echo Spirit. The Collapsing Sweep skill will debilitate the enemy by sweeping the ground out from under them together with the spirit. Finally, the Lights Out skill will allow Yacha to hurl a gargantuan punch together with the Spirit.

There are a total of 13 skills available upon creating Yacha, including a variety of passive and buff skills which players can appreciate. More skills can be acquired through leveling up in-game, and once they reach above level 60 and complete the Balenos main quest “The Boss, Red Nose”, the “Rough Spirit” story quest will get unlocked. Once the player completes this story quest, they will be able to acquire the “Wandering Rogue Wolf” title.

Along with the new class release, Black Desert Mobile is offering an opportunity for players to obtain up to 700,000 Magical Essences[한윤1] and 14 Fortune Scrolls[한윤2] through daily missions and quests. Players will be able to obtain rewards corresponding to the number of missions completed.

Furthermore, players can also start participating in the new class Yacha’s Premium Attendance Event, which offers players the chance to obtain 500 Black Pearls and 3,000[한윤3] Restoration Scrolls once the player logs into the game daily.

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