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Black Bolt Screams into Marvel Heroes Omega

ABC’s “The Inhumans” is live, and to celebrate, Marvel Heroes Omega on console adds another character: Blackagar Boltagon, King of the Inhumans! The King of Attilan seldom, if ever speaks, but his power in Marvel Heroes is undeniable. Black Bolt’s words can hurt; his silence speaks volumes, for if he were to open his lips, civilizations are devastated. Want an idea of how he plays? Check this review of the PC version of the character over on! In addition, a costume inspired by the ABC TV show is also available, in addition to his modern comic style/his more classic look.

“He’s a great choice for beginners to Marvel Heroes Omega and veterans alike,” says Gazillion Senior Designer Ben Gilbert, who helped develop the character’s in-game abilities. “I personally prefer to focus on melee, using the Master Blow talent to swap out his Signature for a heavy-hitting melee one. At the same time, my fellow designer Brian Waggoner prefers his ranged build, blasting enemies to smithereens from afar, occasionally using the slightest whisper to annihilate entire groups.”

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