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AxE: Alliance vs. Empire Launches Worldwide Today

Nexon released their latest mobile MMORPG today, AxE: Alliance vs. Empire on both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. Built from the ground up for the mobile platform, players can tackle an intense MMORPG experience on the go, with an expansive storyline, and an evolving world to explore. There are challenging cooperative dungeons and raids, as well as open-world/arena-based PVP modes to do battle in. In celebration of the launch, a special AxE starter kit will be available to all players who download AxE for a limited time.

AxE is set in a sprawling fantasy universe where two warring factions, the Darkhaan Empire, which fights for law and order and the Galanos Alliance, who battles for self-governance, clash to control the fate of the world. As players begin their journey, they must align with one of the two factions. Once a side is chosen, players can select from one of the three unique character classes on each faction. Each character can be tailored to fit every play style preference by using an arsenal of weapons, armor and special abilities.

There are various methods of real-time PVP, ranging from the more tactical 4v4 to the 75 vs. 75, where both teams do battle with a mighty raid boss, and whoever deals the most damage comes out with more spoils (which is arriving soon). Cooperative battles and raids give players a chance to team up to take on powerful enemies and dungeon bosses. In AxE, rivalries between players are taken to new heights with the Chase and Revenge feature, giving them the ability to track and pursue enemy players in the game in real-time. Players can also easily communicate and interact with feature robust social systems which include chat and team management, providing players with the tools to strategize before every team battle.

“Nexon RED has tapped the power of modern mobile devices to provide a PC and console-quality MMO experience in AxE featuring a breadth of single-player, cooperative and competitive gameplay modes with an incredible amount of depth.” said Tommy Lee, General Manager of NEXON M. “We’re excited to bring AxE to a global audience of MMO gamers today and look forward to an exciting journey in this unique fantasy world for years to come.”

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