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AxE: Alliance vs. Empire Celebrates 100-Day Anniversary With Huge Update

Nexon is celebrating 100 days of AxE: Alliance vs. Empire, their expansive PVP MMORPG for mobile with a massive event. The festivities celebrate the community of this constantly evolving game, with the addition of a 150 player PVP battle mode, which raises the stakes on the struggle for dominance over this world. There will also be a host of events and rewards for players, such as a 28-day special attendance reward event. Players (new and existing) will receive some of the most powerful gear in the game, from wings to mythic weapon/armor. Returning players (those who have not logged in for 15 days) receive a pair of wings, mythic armor, and weapon, as well as a unique pet.

There’s also an Event Achievement, where each day that players complete the Field of Honor, they’re awarded with 20 Enhancement Spelldust and are able to earn up to 200 Spelldust during this event. Simply by logging in seven times will award players with 100 White Diamonds and One Million Gold (during the campaign period). There is an Event Mission as well, and for the final reward, players will be granted the highly sought after Mythic Spiritstone. A new dungeon will be available to test players skill in the Pallid Snowfields.  Finally, there’s the 150 Player PVP Golden Dragon Battles.  In the new massive PvP mode, two teams of 75 players will battle to defeat a massive Golden Dragon, with the team that deals the most damage to the beast winning epic in-game rewards.

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