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Atlas Releases Mega-Update 1.5

Atlas released a massive update today, Mega-Update 1.5. With it comes an ocean’s worth of changes, from new quests and missions, to procedurally generated shipwrecks. In this Mega-Update, there are now 40% more islands and unique land masses to claim, along with a new world map layout. The “Colonies” Claim System also saw a redesign, where players claim Island Settlements, where they can set customized PVP hours. This will let them have the oft-coveted “offline raid protection”. Anyone can build, with specialized rules, on other settlers’ islands, and players will benefit from cooperating with other settlers, to reduce its upkeep cost.

There’s also a new vehicle to explore Deep Ocean Trenches, a Submarine. This area is home to the Giant Grab, which can carry heavy loads (and players). The Submarine comes equipped with a harpoon that will make ocean combat far more exciting. Further details can be found in the link below, and some of the other features to be excited about are right here.

Further Mega-Update 1.5 Notes:

  • Quest and Mission Additions:
    • One new ‘Mainline Quest’ tasked with gathering nine trench stones and defeating the hard mode Kraken!
    • Seven additional Quests that upon successful completion unlock their own unique Skill
  • Procedurally Generated Shipwrecks: Players can explore these abandoned vessels for items and blueprints. Discover these ships by either diving deep into the ocean, looking out for their visual indicator on the surface of the water, or successfully completing the sextant mini-game which will point you in the right direction.
  • Player Shops: Players can set up automated shops, listing loot for sale and naming their price!
  • New Cosmetics: Hook hands, Peg Legs and multiple Armor Sets to customize the look of your company and crew! Also, new Ship cosmetics!
  • ‘Human Catapult’ Mechanic: Deploy characters into battle by launching them into the air!
  • Guillotine: Hanging your foes in a noose taking too long? Off with their heads!
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