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Atlas Reactor – First Look

Turn based strategy games are usually slower paced, allowing for consummate strategy and planning. What happens, though, when all players turns go off at the same time? Atlas Reactor, published by Trion, takes that mentality and boosts it even further. Both players will make their moves at the same time, so the combat moves faster and counter-play becomes more exciting. In Atlas Reactor: it’s always your turn.

There have been several changes made from alpha to beta, mostly centered on improving things the community thought could use some tweaking. Once you reach level 10, you unlock seasons and can begin to earn seasonal experience. Not only does this provide a whole new content layer for players to enjoy, it also gives a chance for free players to earn some of the skins and items paid players receive. Various tasks are available to complete, gated by several chapters. Unlocking various chapters gives a whole new insight to the lore and story behind the game. Additionally, there are daily challenges that will earn you a variety of great rewards. New chapters will unlock periodically, but you will need to complete each chapter in order.

Learn more about Atlas Reactor from our insider beta preview here:

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