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Astellia Online To Launch in September 2019

Barunson E&A had a huge announcement today: Astellia Online launches on September 27th, 2019. Those who pre-order will be able to join a headstart event that will begin as early as September 20th, 2019. Pre-orders will end on September 19th, so there is still time. Those players who have eligible packages can reserve their character names and pre-download the client, starting on September 12th.

Launch Day will have a number of additions that have been in the works since the end of the beta testing phase. Female Warrior/Assassin characters will be available, as a commitment to Barunson’s idea of a tail-made version of Astellia for western audiences. There will be plenty of in-game events, with Gms actively participating with the community as well. New features, updates, and additions will follow in the next couple of months. These include class evolutions, the first tier of Legendary Dungeons opening, holiday events, a new Astel, and more.

Other improvements and additions for launch day include:

  • Colosseum Modes for solo play;
  • Guild size limits increased;
  • Cross class mounts;
  • A Revamped UI
  • And yes, Female Assassins and Warriors on day one!
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