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ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds – First Look

ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds –  First Look

ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds offers the essential MMORPG gameplay experience including traditional features such as customizable attributes and server-first achievements. You’ll find extensive options for both solo and party play, with a flexible dungeon system and a ready-made party and raid finder that allows players to connect and group up in an instant.

Developed by Polygon Games, the game is set in a vast and vibrant world filled with colorful environments and unique characters, with an art direction and storyline inspired by Asian myths and legends. Choose between 2 factions, 3 races per faction, and a total of 5 distinct classes, and discover intriguing and enthralling storylines and cooperative public quests.

The world of ASTA is full of of exciting content just waiting to be discovered!

• Numerous dungeons & raids
• Automated group finder for PvE & PvP gameplay
• Cooperative public quests
• PvP battlegrounds, arenas, guild battles
• Daily events and raids
• Divine spirit & jewellery system
• Extensive crafting system

****** GIVEAWAY/CONTEST ******

Leave your mark in ASTA and name an in-game NPC! –

Learn more about ASTA from the game profile or our written beta impressions here:

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