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Ashes of Creation Releases a New Update Letter Concerning The Apocalypse, Caravan System and More

Ashes of Creation‘s Steven Sharif (Creative Director) and Jeffrey Bard (Lead Designer) talk about the process that’s gone into the Mayoral Caravan System. They also go into what this means to the overall game of Ashes of Creation in this latest video. Sharif also penned a new Creative Director’s Letter, which goes into greater detail into what awaits this summer. Starting on August 20th, 2019, limited Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse testing will begin, which you can learn more about in the link below. He also revealed that the “cute small pets” goal that was unlocked during the Kickstarter is now open to be voted on. They are very excited for the August test, and have learned a great deal in their previous testing, and wish to put that knowledge to use.

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