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Armored Warfare is now available as a free download for Xbox One Gold Members from The tank shooter will bring all of the excitement PC players have already experienced, where the player takes the role of a modern tank mercenary commander and will pilot cutting-edge vehicles. Whether they want to join their friends in co-op, tackle PVP mode, or the “Global Operations” which are a mix of competitive and cooperative play on huge maps. Global Operations also feature surveillance drones, AI support, airstrikes, respawn points and much more.

“Special Operations”  feature an engaging narrative alongside challenging missions that connect an overall narrative, and is one of the key features of Armored Warfare. Players will discover a story of betrayal and vengeance while participating in events that will shake the Armored Warfare world to its very core. Armored Warfare for Xbox One also features additional timed-exclusive content such as an entire line of European vehicles including the Wilk XC8 Tier 10 Tank Destroyer, exclusive maps, and more! Finally, each of the special starter bundles that are available from today contains a free Xbox-exclusive bonus – the LAV-150 90 Exterminator Premium vehicle.

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