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ArcheAge – Whats New?!? – Update 2.9 Ascension

ArcheAge – Whats New?!? – Update 2.9 Ascension

BakermanBrad joins up with game producers at Trion Worlds to preview whats new in ArcheAge with Update 2.9 Ascension! Learn more below!

Whats New?!?!

Trion Worlds introduces Update 2.9 Ascension for ArcheAge! This massive update comes with amazing new features including building your own nation from the ground up with player nations, building your own guild castle bigger than ever before, taking your Obsidian items to Tier 7, exploring the new weapon encyclopedia and tons more!

Build markets, farms, warehouses and more as you form the foundation of a new type of economy on Auroria. Even if you’re not in a guild that holds a castle, your work is crucial to the construction of these new buildings and you’ll get paid handsomely in return for your assistance!

Bigger. Badder. More powerful than ever before. Tier 7 Obsidian items are here and waiting for you to claim their might. Plus, Tier 5 and Tier 6 now require less wisps to craft, allowing you to reach new heights of power.

There’s even changes and upgrades to siege and PvP! There’s a new format for siege bidding in town, and it’s aimed at making sieges better for everyone involved. Plus, the Arena now features matchmaking to help keep battles balanced and fair for both sides.

The update is now live in game as of May 31st!

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  • Mart

    still pay2win..who cares…. dead game

  • Randomizer

    Game could be good if the developers did something more then just want money. The fake hype MMOs give is the reason why I don’t really play MMOS anymore.