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ArcheAge Announces For-Purchase Version, ArcheAge: Unchained

The gamigo group made a huge ArcheAge announcement during Gamescom 2019, concerning ArcheAge. A new version of ArcheAge will be available for purchase, ArcheAge: Unchained. Coming this fall, this version will give players access to the whole of the ArcheAge universe for one purchase. Items that were available for purchase in the free-to-play iteration that are incredibly powerful, will be earned in the world by all players. In this new version of the game, mounts, pets, and gliders with special buffs can be unlocked with gameplay, instead of real-money purchases. All players will have the same chance to craft the most powerful weapons and armor, and PVP will be skill-based, instead of based on who spent more money.

There are no shortcuts to gaining powerful gear, so PVP will be based on who knows their opponent/who has more skill. With over 200 different character classes, based on skillset combinations, there is a great deal to see and do in ArcheAge. ArcheAge: Unchained will also offer a new Skillset, as well as a new PVP system, the “Siege and Territory System”, where Pirates can do heated battle. There is not much more information than that now, but as we know more, we’ll pass it on to you.

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