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Alliance of Valiant Arms Brings Home the Gold with “Dogs of War” Update

En Masse has released their first content update for the free-to-play multiplayer fps, Alliance of Valiant Arms. This update, entitled “Dogs of War” is now free, and introduces the Grand Prix PVP mode, accompanied by the new Stadium map for players to do battle in. This mode will also feature a host of new weapon cosmetics, a new interface to find game modes in, and maps that will exist alongside the classic interface, allowing players to choose which they prefer. The improved Content Gateway is designed to make finding matches with players’ preferred game modes easier, so players spend less time waiting, and more time shooting.

The centerpiece for the “Dogs of War” update—the new Grand Prix PvP mode set in the eclectic Stadium map—pits players against each other in one-on-one battles in a competition to crown the best player among them. Using Swiss tournament rules, players earn ranking points based on their performance during each of the 8 matches and 20 rounds to determine their final standing on the leaderboards. Losing a round won’t’ eliminate a player, giving them room to make comics and last-minute upsets in a dramatic fashion. The winners receive prizes such as in-game Euros or the coveted Grand Prix Trophy, which is also a handy melee weapon.

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