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Albion Online Fifth Anniversary Trailer

Albion Online celebrates its fifth anniversary today with the launch of a unique event called Living Legacy.

This event brings the game’s history to life for two weeks, as player-designed guild statues become open-world enemies. These statues exist in three levels of increasing difficulty and rarity – Construct, Colossus, and Titan – with a variety of melee and magical abilities to keep players on their toes.

Key event features:

  • Season winner statues are fightable enemies in the open world, and can drop unique items including:
    • New Riding Horse skin
    • Chromacannon vanity weapon
    • Anniversary Cake which grants Fame boost
    • Special Avatar and Avatar Ring for all players who log in during event
  • Exclusive Twitch Drop for watching anniversary stream:
    • On Friday, July 15 at 19:00 UTC there will be a special anniversary stream on the AlbionTV Twitch channel (, featuring interviews with the devs and a look back at the Alpha.

Full patchnotes are available here.

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