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Albion Online: Avalonian Weapons

The next major content update for Albion Online, Rise of Avalon, will arrive in August. In our newest Dev Talk, Combat Designer Michael Schwahn discusses the all-new Avalonian Weapon lines that are coming to the game.

No time to watch the video, or prefer a written summary? Read on…

► Albion Online’s first major weapon expansion since the release of Level 3 artifacts
► The weapon lines were first conceived when we began designing the Avalonian faction
► Includes 15 artifact weapons (one for each weapon family) and 3 offhands
► Each item will be available from T4 to T8, for a total of 90 new weapon models
► Will completely shift the meta

But how exactly will they change the meta, and who are they for? First off, unlike Level 3 Artifacts, Avalonian Weapons are useful for a wide variety of applications and situations, from solo play to small-group PvP to large battles. The weapons will come with a wide variety of exciting new mechanics that will keep combat in Albion fresh and unpredictable.

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