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Gameforge released a huge update for the European edition of Aion today, with 7.0: The Legacy of the Painter. Perhaps the biggest part is the new specialization for the Artist. Now, the Bard will be joined by The Painter, who will utilize Paint Rings to fire paint at their enemies. This is going to really add some color to the world of Aion. However, Dumaha isn’t quite so vibrant, where Apsu used to be worshipped everywhere. The Snuwa still honor him, but now Tiamat claims divinity in this new region.

The Stella Corporation is trying to drive the Snuwa out though, to take back their altars, and there will be a variety of Altar Sieges to take part in: battles for Ara Minima, Ara Mediocra, and Ara Magna. Players can use the Stellium currency for coupons, for consumable items and stones. There’s also a new PVE instance in Dumaha, the Stella Development Laboratory. Criminals have overrun the Lab, and now it’s absolute chaos. So it’s time to fix this situation, and bring the criminals to justice. There are a wealth of other changes coming in the 7.0 updates, from new transformations, daily/weekly Lugbug missions, and ancient, legendary, and ultimate equipment. Three language versions have also been discontinued this update – Polish, Italian, and Spanish. Forum and Support will continue to be available for these, however.

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