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AION 7.5: Wake of the Storm Trailer

via press release

Starting today, the popular fantasy MMORPG AION from publisher Gameforge brings in tons of new content with its 7.5 update: Wake of the Storm. With numerous new features, items, enemies, and areas, players can now extend their wings to continue their adventures in the world of Atreia, with great options to make catching up with friends easier than ever.

The content update will feature:

  • New Zone – Silentera Canyon: an underground corridor that holds two new dangerous world bosses and sets the field for player-versus-player encounters, with plenty of high-end rewards for completing quests and challenges, including some of the strongest, ultimate gear being added to the game.
  • New PvE Dungeon – Ara Infernalia: an instance with two difficulty levels where up to six level-80 players will take on the formidable dragon Mortasha, who swiftly teleports around the area. Those who succeed in tracking down and destroying this boss will also receive some of the strongest loot now available.
  • New PvP Dungeon – Raging Valley: a new battlefield where up to six players per team can test their skills. Upon entering this instance, all players have their stats equalized, however, Stigma and Daevanion skills retain their upgraded values.
  • New Reworked Dungeons: Esoterrace and Lower Udas Temple have been re-designed to provide lots of XP for players to reach level 80, while Kubrinerk’s Monster Cubus Laboratory offers new Monster Cubelets to take on the strongest endgame instance bosses in Makarna of Bitterness (difficult) and Ara Infernalia (normal) in the hunt for ultimate loot.
  • The newly introduced Odian and Rune systems now enable accessory upgrades for gear such as necklaces, earrings, belts, bracelets, and feathers.
  • New Vision Weapons will drop from stronger bosses in Lakrum and Dumaha or Agents of each race, offering powerful traits such as Paralysis, Silence, or Divinity. These weapons can also be enchanted for three additional levels of upgrades taking them from “ordinary” to “noble.”
  • Six New Legendary Transformations including Azphel, Ariel, Yustiel, Triniel, Vaizel, and Lumiel’s Apostle.
  • Players can catch up faster than ever through Titan Coins acquired through their adventures in Inggison and Gelkmaros. While in Heiron and Beluslan, players can level up to 80 and get items every 10 levels to enhance the leveling progress
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