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Age of Wushu Dynasty – E3 Dev Preview

DizzyPW talks with Kevin Doyle, Community Manager for Snail games about Age of Wushu Dynasty which is essentially the mobile version of the popular martial arts MMO!
Take your wuxia adventures on the road with Age of Wushu Dynasty, the mobile port of Snail Games hit sandbox martial arts MMORPG, Age of Wushu. Join schools, master epic arts, take part in long reaching story missions, and live your life the way you see fit in the MMO offering ultimate freedom!
Age of Wushu Dynasty follows in the footsteps of PC title Age of Wushu, throwing players into a cut-throat martial arts underworld known as “Jianghu”. The game combines elements of the original title with those of Snail’s more recent mobile gaming titles, such as action dungeon crawler Taichi Panda launched earlier this year. “We want to create the same feel as Age of Wushu, which was very popular for PC, in a mobile platform,” said Snail Games VP Jim Tsai. “That has meant adjusting some of the gameplay mechanics to optimize for mobile devices, while keeping the inspiration and the design principles the same to create a unique martial arts adventure.”
Age of Wushu Dynasty builds on the innovative features of its predecessor as well as adding new mechanics designed with mobile in mind:
8 martial arts schools to choose from
Vivid 3D world and traditional Chinese styles
Acquiring and mastering various combat skill sets
Tactical “Attack, Block, Break” combat system
Two-handed virtual button control scheme
Gravity defying acrobatic maneuvers
Arenas, open PvP, and Guild Wars

Age of Wushu Dynasty is currently in development, with NA release planned for later this year. Check out the official website at

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