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Absolute Force Online First Look

Absolute Force Online First Look

BakermanBrad puts his Afro on his evil Rotten Angel and shows of some of the unique features and various special game modes Absolute Force Online (AFO) offers. See what its like to be a mutant cyborg zombie death lord and create an army of zombies in this interesting take on a first person shooter.

This game also has several advanced weapons types, along with access to vehicles like tanks and aircraft. There are a variety of locations in the game where battles take place, from famous cities, to deserted islands, and an assortment of different PvP modes to choose from. There is also a co-operative mode in the game, where you can play with others, defeating zombies and other dangerous opponents, should you not feel like competing against others.

If you’re looking to hop on the servers and try the game yourself keep an eye on the Closed Beta Key giveaway.

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