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3on3 FreeStyle Patch Notes Highlights [PS4]

The latest patch notes for 3on3 FreeStyle are here for the PS4 iteration of the game. With this update comes an updated tutorial, new cosmetics, and much more. To celebrate the arrival of the new character, Little Fox, there is a package being released to help level him faster – a Platinum Card, Boost Up Package, and Theme No. 3 Package. Little Fox is a fresh take on the game, and he can increase the team’s shooting percentage, while reducing the opposing team’s steal success rate. He is a fast teamplay-oriented shooting guard also known as ‘Super Sonic’ due to his court speed
when chasing a loose ball.

“3on3 FreeStyle on PS4 has unique individualized gameplay depending on which character you choose to play with. This new character update will be exciting news for our players.” said KT Kim, Head of Development at Joycity. “I hope our players experience joy from the new gameplay and strategy this character has to bring.”

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