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2015 April Fool’s Gaming Recap

To celebrate a fun April Fool’s Day this year, check out these fun and trolly videos from our friends in the industry! (As if you weren’t pranked enough!)
League of Legends brings back URF… for at least a little while:
Infinite Crisis gives you the voice behind Krypto aka Super Dog:
Both Everquest Next Landmark and SpeedRunners feel sporting a retro look is the way to go:
Smart Watch and VR integration Announced For Call of Champions:
World of Tanks puts tanks on the Moon and underwater:
War Thunder adds in walking tanks:
MWO previews the unsuspecting but deadly UrbanMech and its special Death Blossom skill:
Dying Light issues a warning about tainted Antizin injections circulating on April 1:
More featured videos:
The Hunter – The soul of a unicorn, hidden in the body of a bunny. And you’re going to kill it. Heartless:
The Secret World – The Secret World has been taken over by synchronized dancing. Time to get your flash mob on:
Black Dessert – First Look:

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