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Zodiac Online begins closed beta

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Zodiac Online, a new MMO from Ingle Games (Destiny Online, Chaos Online, Galaxy Online), has begun its closed beta testing.

Styled with “cute” graphics and with an Oriental theme, Zodiac Online lets players be zodiac heroes, with a pet that represents the chosen zodiac. The new beta testing phase also introduces a new, voluntary PK system for those who enjoy dueling.

The Original Press Release:

Zodiac Online Hit Closed-Beta

Ingle Games Ltd. is glad to announce that the long-awaited MMORPG Zodiac Online will enter closed beta on PDT 0:01 Nov. 1.

Zodiac Online is a free-to-play MMORPG with colorful and cute graphics, and is packed full of Chinese ancient cultural touches, like the legend of the 12 zodiac signs and many others. In this game, players play as zodiac heroes from heaven’s palace, fighting against the evil demons who want to destroy the human world. Every player gets a zodiac sign in the very beginning, this is a very important sign in the Chinese horoscope, it may affect your destiny, helps you to find your fated friends, opponents, and maybe even your special someone!

In this game, there’re 48 combat skills in 4 major types and many other living skills and zodiac skills and 12 aptitudes, everyone can make their own stylized ‘build’ which only belongs to themselves!
Besides, unlike other MMO’s limited choice of pets, Zodiac Online provides a wide range of choice, with all wild monsters available for capture! Above are only a part of the unique features.

After a successful alpha test which lasted 2 weeks, we’ve corrected many bugs and added a lot of new content, now Zodiac Online Closed-Beta test is coming back in a very different appearance! CB will last several weeks depending on the test results. New players will need an activation code to register a new account, but alpha test players can use your old accounts without activation codes. After CB ends, all data except for accounts will still be wiped.

The new content in CB includes: PK System – now players can player kill each other in the form of voluntary duels and enforced chases.

Voluntary duels can only be held in cities without any punishment to losers whereas enforced chases can only be held outside cities, in which winners may take a random item from losers. Guild Fight System – a guild president can declare a battle with another guild. In a guild fight, guild members can form several teams to fight with teams from the opponent guild. A good arrangement and strategy will be very important to win. Mentor/Apprentice System – players above level 40 can be the mentors of newbies whose level are under 40. When the apprentice reaches level 40, he/she is graduated and the mentor will get a renown bonus. Pet Evolution Generation III – now generation II pets can evolve again, become very powerful generation III pets, even with a chance to evolve into a super powerful rare pet! Skill Card System – Everyone can do 5 card quests per day and get 5 skill cards, these skill cards can be used in battle to cast a corresponding skill, whether you have learned this skill or not.

Also, we’ve prepared a lot of events in return for your patience, including: Activation code give away, Acknowledgment for the alpha test bug detectors, Lucky New Star high level challenge, Double exp. & novice item package for everyone, and novice guide videos posted on Youtube etc.

We believe that all these new things and events will bring you a lot of fun. So zodiac heroes, the human world is suffering from a disaster. Call up your friends and let’s save the world before it’s too late! To get activation codes and to learn more about Zodiac Online Closed Beta, please visit our official website:

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