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Year 0 to Launch on Facebook and Legendary Portal

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Year Zero WP

Indie Games Developer Legendary Games will release their much anticipated massively multi-player online strategy game Year 0 into Open Beta on March 3rd on Facebook as well as their own portal.

Year 0 is a multi player strategy game that uses the latest HTML5 technology to allow use on any internet browser equipped device, be it PC or Kindle.

Jemma Smedley, Community Manager, said: “We have had over 1000 people test the game so far and they really love the tone it is taking. It is the first year after the apocalypse a long, ruinous war has ended but the fight for survival has just begun. In-game opponents are real people who are looking for the exact same things as you – resources and territories! You’ll need to manage those resources, plan out a strategy and recruit friends to be able to survive.”

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MMOHuts Default Image 604x339
Legendary Games announces the coming open beta release of Year Zero on Facebook and their own gaming portal.