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X-Legend Reveals Plans For Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia

Developer X-Legend has recently taken over publishing of Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia, two well-known MMORPGs previously published by Aeria Games in the west. With both services now launched, X-Legend has revealed in a press release its plans for expansions to both games.

Grand Fantasia’s expected updates include:

  • Update of Sprite Rune Stone feature
  • Expansion of the Sprite Travel feature
  • A brand new solo dungeon “New Sephira Crystal Opera” and exclusive Yellow Cloak recipes
  • Lightweight Lv.1-30 Beginner Trails
  • Automatic alchemy function
  • A brand new reincarnation dungeon

Meanwhile, here’s what Aura Kingdom can expect:

  • New expansion with an exclusive boy-sized class called “Dragon Nunchaku”
  • Exclusive maps: “Acadian” and “Satay Yoganah”
  • A brand new Kitten of Gaia “Chiyu”
  • Unlock level 10 awakening rank: Solo nightmare dungeon
  • Unlock level 15 awakening rank: Gold Quality Holy Souls
  • Update the God’s Trial Battlefield
  • Additional marriage system for “Loli” and “Shota”
  • Unlock 61-65 floors of the Sky Tower
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