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Worlds 2016: Semifinals Recap

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League of Legends history is made again in the Worlds semifinals!

ROX Tigers vs. SK Telecom T1

Easily one of the best series of League of Legends ever played. Crazy story lines, ridiculous support picks, immaculate macro and mechanical play, silver scrapes, these games had it all.

I mean how scripted of an anime plotline can you get when SKT are down 1-2 with Blank, then to risk it all by subbing in The Jungle himself Bengi and have him carry on his first ever competitive Nidalee game and then to go on to carry his team to victory over the ferocious Tigers. Unreal.

But that’s not all, for the first time in competitive ever, Miss Fortune, an attack damage carry, was put in the bot lane as a support! Support Miss Fortune!! And it won twice! I can not make this stuff up.

This is all of course on top of the immaculate play making macro game like jaw dropping Baron calls, split pushes, and even a match winning cross map Ashe ultimate. This pseudo world championship matchup, and rematch from last year’s world championship, definitely lived up to the hype and will go down as one of the most historic series in League of Legends.

Samsung Galaxy vs. H2K Gaming

H2K got stomped. So, uh, next week SSG vs. SKT grand finals, look forward to that!

Sigh I guess I should elaborate. H2K didn’t look anywhere near as good as they did in previous matches, their one thing they had over maybe every other team in the tournament was their suffocating laning phase and it just didn’t show up (their sub-optimal pick/ban phase certainly didn’t help). With no early game lead, and an untested/bad late game, SSG demolished the European team without much trouble. The one saving grace was Jankos, dude played out of his mind, too bad he can’t 1v5.

But look on the bright side! With such a convincing stomp the finals are going to be a lot more interesting! SKT will still win no doubt, but maybe SSG can take at least one game off them right?


Best series ever and Korea vs. Korea finals confirmed.

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