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Worlds 2016: Group Stages Round Up

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Worlds 2016 has been the craziest yet, here’s a round up of everything so far.

Week 1 Day 1:

Incredibly exciting start to Worlds 2016, teams thought to coast were challenged and those that were thought to be easy wins showed up. The big story of the day however was nobody INTZ taking down #1 seed from China in nearly perfect fashion.

Week 1 Day 2:

Day 2 was bit, uh, less good. Many teams were playing leagues below how they usually do, pretty disappointing really. Well, one team still managed to impress: SKT.

Week 1 Day 3:

Our big underdog of the tournament starts to bare their fangs, ANX take a game off NA’s CLG. Also, SSG redeems themselves.

Week 1 Day 4:

Everybody gets a loss! Even SKT and the ROX Tigers, oof, what rough day for everyone. Well, not everyone, ANX takes a surprise game off EU’s #1 seed G2.

Week 2 Day 5:

ROX and ANX make it out of groups, G2 and CLG sent home.

Week 2 Day 6:

H2K look like a powerhouse, EDG scrapes by, AHQ and INTZ, predictably, don’t make it out.

Week 2 Day 7:

SSG continues to look terrifyingly strong, NA’s sweetheart TSM surprisingly is sent packing, RNG goes through, and Splyce, while they put up a good fight, is also out.

Week 2 Day 8:

Through some strange miracle, only NA’s 3rd seed makes it to quarterfinals, SKT of course cruises through, and Flash Wolves and IMAY just couldn’t pull through.

Quarterfinals Draw:

1st place team vs. 2nd place team, same group teams cannot face each other. Set winners will face each other in semifinals.

Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals

Set. 1

  • SKT vs. RNG
  • ROX vs. EDG

Set. 2

  • H2K vs. ANX
  • SSG vs. C9

Prediction: SKT will defeat RNG and face ROX Tigers in the semifinals. On the other side of the bracket, H2K will beat ANX to face SSG later on. EDG doesn’t look up to from and C9 is, well, C9.

Semifinals Prediction

  • SKT vs. ROX

Basically the pseudo world championship grand finals, it will be a very close match with SKT coming out just ahead.

  • H2K vs. SSG

Unfortunately weak semifinals match up relative to SKT vs ROX, SSG will probably proceed.



Weaker version of LCK summer grand finals, SKT will probably win, again.

Knockout Stage TL:DR

“Welcome to the stage your 3 team world champions Sk Telecom T1!!”

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