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Worlds 2016: Group Stage Day 5 Recap

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Worlds history has been made on Group Stage Day 5!

G2 vs. ROX Tigers (WIN)

This was by far G2’s best game yet! However, still not good enough, not even close. Even when they had two great early ganks at mid lane, they still managed to mess it up by giving up kills. Come mid game they were lifeless while ROX turned up the heat for a swift and brutal snowball.

G2’s one caveat is that Trick has such a great attitude that he displays through his gameplay, he obviously cares a lot and legitimately tries to solo carry his team. It’s sad to see his tremendous effort go to waste. Regardless, G2 cannot get out of groups by this point, their next few games are meaningless for them, but still affect the other teams.

Albus Nox Luna (WIN) vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Oh. Wow. ANX has done it again. Most, me included, expected the CIS team to lose every game in week 2 because they wouldn’t have the element of surprise and what have you, but now, teams have no excuses.

Additionally, there is no doubt left in my mind ANX is a top tier team, as in, they could take the whole tournament. I am almost certain Albus is the only team at Worlds playing consistently well, and that is spectacular. Is this the cinderella TPA story of Season 2? Maybe Moscow 5 reincarnated? All I know for sure is that Albus is going to continue to impress.

Counter Logic Gaming (WIN) vs. G2

Breaking News: G2 still garbage, more at 7.

Albus Nox Luna (WIN) vs. ROX Tigers

There are no words to describe this masterpiece of a game. Albus Nox Luna is a Grand Finals World Champion material. They have upset #1 from Korea, a worlds favorite. I cannot believe it, even though I thoroughly rooted for ANX I did not expect such a fantastic performance. If you’re a league fan, you must watch this game.

ANX is not the wildcard underdog anymore, they are a tier 1 threat, anyone who thinks otherwise by this point is wrong. They just have nearly everything going for them. Notably their Baron play could be better, they nearly lost the game because Peanut was able to steal it so many times. But my god, what a game, what a team, what a worlds in store.

By far one of the best games ever played at Worlds, and in competitive eSports in general.

G2 (WIN) vs. Albus Nox Luna

Groups favorite against the wildcard, easy game right? Depending on your perspective then yes! But for us that have been following worlds then no. ANX lost, and G2 won their first game.

Congrats? I guess? Eh, to  be honest I seriously wouldn’t think much of it. ANX just came off that exhausting ROX game only minutes before, they could just be mentally burnt out for the day.

ROX (WIN) vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Another disappointing game by the tigers. While the early game was shaky as usual, it’s their sub par Baron play and siege that nearly lost them the game. Funnily enough, if ROX actually lost they would have been out of the tournament. Uncomfortably close.

ROX Tigers (WIN) vs. Albus Nox Luna

Thankfully, ROX is looking back up to form. Their early game was much much better than before and Pray was just a beast all game. While ANX didn’t pull off another fantastic win, they put up a good fight, and probably could’ve done better if they had banned Peanut’s Elise.


G2 sucks, CLG’s out, ANX is 2nd, and ROX is 1st.

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