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Worlds 2016: Grand Finals Recap

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In a stunning turn of events, the Grand Finals were not a stomp as predicted. The Samsung Galaxy vs. SK Telecom T1 fight for the summoner’s cup was a complete and total brawl.

But first, the opening ceremony. What do you mean, ‘stop kidding where’s the real one?’ That. Is. It.

Anyway, game 1 surprised everyone, myself included, by being one of the most incredible games of the entire Worlds tournament. As stated, it was expected to be a fairly easy win for favorites SKT, but SSG made the Faker lead team work for it. This hell of a match had Crown solo’ing the demon king, Bengi of all people getting an aggressive first blood, and Samsung never giving up until the final moments. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Game 2 had similar nail biting action where neither could find an advant- ok lol no. The second match was what everyone expected in the first place: Samsung getting demolished. And by this point SSG seemed to have given it their all and one could easily imagine the 3rd team from Korea wouldn’t be able to swing the momentum in their favor. Well, you imagined wrong. Somewhat.

In the match point, SKT started out as before, crush the early game and make significant roams across the map, only, they got a little cocky. Instead of a more careful close, they rushed Baron where they were subsequently wiped. Then, off the back of Ruler’s unflinching aggression and Ambition’s key Elder Steal, Samsung were able to take a game off the gods of League of Legends.

Once again do or die, SSG chose to do. But more to the fault of the subbed in Blank’s weak early pressure which allowed Samsung to cripple SKT and take the series to a Worlds first 5th game grand finals.

Unfortunately for the plucky Samsung, they were just plain out of steam. They couldn’t match the experience and endurance of one the best international teams in League and lost the game, and by extension, the series. A reverse sweep in a grand finals match would’ve been awesome, but SSG made history anyway.

Just like ROX vs. SKT before, we as fans were treated with another historical series. This Worlds has without a doubt been the very best we have ever seen, and maybe will ever see in League of Legends.

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