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World of Warships Unveils Halloween Event

World of Warships Halloween Event - Main Image

It’s time to save Transylvania and dispel the darkness within this Halloween in World of Warships! One year ago, commanders banded together to banish terror from the high seas when the sinister Rasputin and its Zikasa hordes attempted to take over World of Warships. While brave captains sent these terrors back whence they came, little did the community know that all this time, Rasputin had been plotting his return…To save the day this Halloween, players must fight the war for the living. From Update, where there is darkness, there can also be light. And the second mission, Sunray in the Darkness, sees Transylvania return for another tour. Commanders once again head back to the Silver Spear Archipelago, sinking the forces of darkness in four brand-new Halloween ships. It won’t be the same though. This time, guard towers will lend their help and will help as you attempt to seal the portal once and for all. For those who are successful in defeating Rasputin, commanders receive a certain number of stars (depending on success/completing special objectives) along with generating a rank, unlock amazing rewards! From special Halloween camo, Free XP, Premium Account Time and more, it’s worth setting sail for!

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