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World War II D-Day: New miltary mobile game coming soon

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Skytouch Technologies Limited is proud to announce its forthcoming free-to-play military strategy title, World War II: D-Day. Scheduled for release on iPhone and iPad in the UK later this month and Germany, France and Russia in December, World War II: D-Day is a simulation strategy card game that cleverly interweaves fictional elements with real world units and battles from the Second World War, to deliver intense and thrilling PvE and PvP action.

​This could be your finest hour…

World War II: D-Day puts you in the role of Commander-In-Chief of a multi-national force consisting of hundreds of real world vehicles, planes and artillery units that all played an active role in the skies and on the battlefields of World War II. In a first for military strategy card games, World War II: D-Day gives you control over the combined military might of Britain, America, Russia, Germany, France and Italy all under your control. This is your chance to create the ultimate army and embark on an exhilarating military campaign across Europe and North Africa.

​“Air superiority is the ultimate expression of military power.” Winston Churchill

​ Tactical planning is crucial for success, so ahead of each encounter you will need to determine the make up of your force, picking the aircraft, artillery and armoured vehicles from the varied units in your deck. What will be the enemy’s weakness and will you select the right combination of units and their attack order to deliver the coveted three star victory? The fate of your forces lies in your hands.

​Defend your land at any cost…

​ Having the best forces is no guarantee of victory; a great army needs a great frontline commander to lead it. You will need to strategically select the right commander card, matching their unique battlefield skills and special attacks with the units chosen for each battle. Get the balance right and crush the opposition. Get it wrong and only defeat awaits.

​To the victor go the spoils and in World War II: D-Day success in each battle is rewarded with new unit and commander cards – the greater your victory ranking the greater the rewards. All unit and commander cards can be upgraded, but resources are limited so you will need to think carefully before levelling up. Should the focus be building supremacy in the skies with a powerful air force or concentrating on improving your artillery units?

​If the heat of battle burns too fiercely, then World War II: D-Day lets you forge strategic alliances with other players and receive additional resources to increase your army’s capabilities before returning to the main campaign.

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