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World of Warcraft: Patch 6.1 Hits the Servers

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WoW Improved Blood Elf

Blizzard has launched its latest feature patch for World of Warcraft today, making dozens of tweaks and improvements along with adding a modest amount of features.

Highlights of the patch include:

  • New Blood Elf models
  • A new Heirloom Collections tab, including an unlockable level 1 heirloom mount
  • Twitter integration
  • New Garrison visitors, a Garrison Jukebox, and many additional tweaks and improvements around the garrison
  • Talent balancing for all classes
  • A new chapter in the Legendary Ring quest
  • Pet battle tweaks and improvements
  • New colorblind options

There’s much more to the patch, so make sure to read over the official patch notes.

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