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World of Tanks Independence Day Promotions

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Independence Day is just around the corner and we wanted to fill you in on a number of special in-game World of Tanks offers, from experience boosts to great deals on some of the hottest American tanks, Wargaming has planned to celebrate.

Wargaming will also be running a set of tournaments over the 4th of July weekend with tank eligibility ranging from Tier III to Tier X, with each level having their own individual tournament event.

See below for a full list of the promotions running on July 4th:

  1. Special 4th of July garage
  2. 5X experience gain for first win
  3. 3X crew experience on all Tier X tanks
  4. 2X crew experience on all Tier IX tanks
  5. 2X credit accrual on all Tier V and VI tanks
  6. 50% gold discount on the following tanks: LT IIT2 Light Tanks, LT III M22 Locust, MT V Ram II and HT V T14
  7. 15% gold discount on the following premium tank: HT VIII T34
  8. 50% credit discount on equipment
  9. 50% gold/credit discount on crew training and retraining
  10. 50% gold/credit discount on skill resets
  11. 2000 experience award for achieving the “Top Gun” medal
  12. 20% bonus tank specific experience and 30% bonus credits earned for successfully completing the “First Class” mission
  13. Be the player that deals the most total damage on your team
    1. Receive one of each nation’s specific consumables (awarded once per day) for completing the “Potluck Picnic” mission
    2. Destroy one vehicle of each nation
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