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World of Kung Fu plans 1.0.59 update next week

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The World of Kung Fu has released its update notes for version 1.0.59, planned for release to live servers next week. The update will add new materials and new crafting for higher level players (including a special Top Dragon Balm recipe). It will also add new items, decorations, and monsters, as well as fix equipment and other miscellaneous bugs.

Version 1.0.59 Update Content

Main update content:

1. A new kind of material – Thread of Dragon Soul, 5 of which can be made into 1 Silk of Dragon Soul is added. Thread of Dragon Soul drops from both level 30+ monsters in normal wild field and bosses in instances, while Silk of Dragon Soul can be gotten from level 90 Archeology Boss.
2. The craft methods of level 59, level 69 and level 79 divine armors, as well as glasses for different classes are added at the new NPC – Divine Craftbusman Lu Ban in Liuhe.
3. Two new monsters – Earth Snail and Flower Spirit – are added in Sulin Garden.
4. Two new decorations – Bi Xie Jade and Zi Ming Jade- are added.
5. 3-Day Advanced Experience Charm (Bound) is added
6. New sets of self-made fashionable clothing are added at Liuhe Tailor.
7. Four new level 115 monsters are added into the Archeology Quest
8. New sets of divine armors are added.
9. The “Spirit” attribute is added into level 108 armors and level 105 weapons.
10. Self-tailored fashion suits – such as pirate suits and others – are able to be forged at Forging Voucher Smith’s.
11. The craft method of a new medicine – Top Dragon Balm – is added into Apothecary. Its material, Advanced Revival Grass, drops from monsters in Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind.
12. Novice guiding NPC shaped in Guarding Pets are added in Taoyuan
13. New booties and NPCs are added for new quests.
14. New Vitality Charm IV, V and VI are added.
15. Adjust the attributes of “Glasses of Pride” and “Unique Glasses of Pride” for Fan Class.
16. Prolong the buff time of Transform Card (Bandit King) from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.
17. Fix some equipment bugs – for example, some armor buffs which cannot be triggered before are fixed well.
18. Transforming Card buffs, Envoy Buffs and Country Buffs are fixed not to vanish when the buff list in full.
19. The right to pick up loots is adjusted to the first one who hit the boss in the Archeology Quest.
20. Increase the experience rate gained from monsters in Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind.
21. Restrict the use of Shelter Charm in Legendary School Event.
22. Update the content of Brainstorm in Weekly Event.
23. Update the content of Fortune Box and Chaos Treasure Box

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