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World of Kung Fu merging servers

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Starting tomorrow, World of Kung Fu will be merging its North American servers to improve server populations.

US-Central-1, II, and East-1 (Jade Dragon, Golden Serpent, and Iron Monkey) will merge into US-Central-I’s server as a new realm. Likewise, West, East-II, and West-New (Emerald Tiger, Silver Wolf, and Snow Reindeer) will merge into West-New as another new realm.

The merge will begin at midnight Eastern this Tuesday, July 13th, and is expected to take one to two days to complete, during which time players on these realms will be unable to play.

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The Original Announcement:

Realms Merge Plan – Supply You A Better Playing Environment

Dear Players, to serve you a better gaming environment, we are here to announce that the Plan of merge realms is launched. Soon you will be able to make more friends in game and enjoy your game experience in a more active server with more in-game goods and materials.

General Content:

The 3 oldest realms including US-Central-I & II and US-East- I (aka server Jade Dragon, Golden Serpent, and Iron Monkey) will be merged into US-Central-I as one new realm.

The other 3 realms US-West, US-East-II and US-West-New (known as server Emerald Tiger, Silver Wolf and Snow Reindeer) will be merged into US-West-New as another new realm.

Merge Procedure:

Start Merging Time: 0:00 am EDT (4:00 am GMT) July 13th 2010

Estimated Time: 1-2 days

Merge US-Central-II and US-East- I into US-Central-I.

Merge US-West and US-East-II into US-West-New.


Server Related

Q: Can I log into the game or transfer my points during merging?

A: No, you won’t be able to log into the game. Meanwhile, transfer points function will be disabled, too.

Account & Character Related

Q: Will my account change after merging?

A: No. You still can use the same account and password to log into the game.

Q: Will this merge effect the amount of points I have in passport or the number of gold I hold in game?

A: No. Both your points and in-game gold will remain the same.

Q: Will my characters still there after merging?

A: Character data merging will stick to the following rules:

1) The following rules is applied to the characters under ONE ACCOUNT.

2) For example, you have more than 3 characters in Jade dragon, Golden Serpent and Iron Monkey server. We will pick up 3 highest-level characters from those 3 servers, and transfer them into the new Jade Dragon server. If there are characters with same level, the one with more coins (including the coins both in your package and in the warehouse) will be saved. To avoid unnecessary lost, please transfer your items and coins into such 3 characters that will be saved before merging begins, other characters will be deleted after merging.

3) To reduce the server pressure caused by merging such large number of data, all characters which has not been logged in the server within 60 days and character’s level lower than 20 will be abandoned. We apologize for any disadvantage it will make.

4) You can take the following pictures to clearly see the merging rules and think how to keep the character you want. Rules in the examples listed will be applied to not only the first three servers, but also the latest three servers:

Q: What if I have same name with other’s from different realm?

A: If the realm your character belonged is kept as the new realm, your name will stay the same as usual. If your realm is merged into another realm, a suffix will be added to your name. For Example, there are 2 characters named LuYan in both JD and GS. When the merge finished, the character LuYan from JD will remain the same and the character LuYan from GS will be renamed as LuYan@GS.

Q: Will my in-game items and coins disappear after merging?

A: If the character is transferred into new realm, all items and coins in this character will be kept. If your character isn’t transferred into the new realm, all coins and items it had will be deleted.

To avoid unnecessary lost, please transfer your items and coins into such 3 characters that will be saved before merging begins.

Friend & School Related

Q: Will my school be saved into the new realm?

A: Yes. We will keep all the schools in game. Your school will have the same status like before, same school fund, same school reputation and same items in school warehouse.

Q: What if our school name is same with other’s from different realm?

A: The solution will be similar with the issue of character name. If your server is merged into the other one, a suffix will be added to your school name.

Q: We are the current Top School (Elite School) in our server, what will happen after merging?

A: New school prestige will be counted at the second week after merging, but you still are able to use those Top & Elite school items in the first week.

Q: What will happen to my friend or enemy list?

A: Your friend or enemy list will remain the same, but names of characters that aren’t transferred into new realm will be deleted.

Pawnshop & Mail Related

Q: Will my items selling in pawnshop be transferred after merge?

Q: Will my in-game mails be transferred after merge?

A: In order to avoid the unnecessary loss in this large scale of data interflow, we strongly recommend all players to keep everything (including pawnshop items and mail attachment) in your package.

Q: If one of my characters isn’t saved during merging, what will happen to the items he/she was selling?

A: The selling items will disappear.

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