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World of Ants introduces new improvements

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World of Ants has launched a major new update to improve several of its game systems, after it relaunched two months ago.

Both the combat and quest system have been tweaked. Combat is designed to offer more realistic combat, with more losses and tactics, a new military adviser, and an animated combat view. New random quests including production, research, and battle challenges will appear as players build their anthills. The game’s colony view has also been changed to use HTML5 functionality to help speed up gameplay.

World of Ants is published by Neonga, which also publishes A Mystical Land and the upcoming DragonSoul.

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World of Ants: Huge Update featuring new Quest and Combat System

Animated combat screen and improved technology speeds up game play

Only two months after re-launch, the first huge “World of Ants” update is now released. In close cooperation with the community, the game was renewed regarding content as well as technology which will increase gaming fun alongside a row of new features.

New Combat System:
The combat system was completely overhauled to bring a more realistic combat experience. Even superior armies battling weaker enemies will now have to accept losses in their own ranks. A military advisor will now give advice on improving tactics in the newly added animated combat view.

New Quest System:
The new quest system features plenty of new tasks. Randomly occurring quests such as producing of resources or units, research, as well as battles against NPC ant hills will entertain players during their regular game play.

Improved Technology:
In addition, numerous changes were made under the hood to make the gaming experience more fluent. Colony view is now based on HTML5 functionality to speed up game play. Compatibility with older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 still remains.

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