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Wonderland Online releases Sealed Mythic Monsters

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Wonderland Online has released a new instance, Sealed Mythic Monsters, for players level 120+. The instance includes monsters such as the Nine-tail Fox, Minotaur, 8-headed Orachi, and Cerberus.

The instance is designed for 16 players, and has a 40 minute time limit. Completion of the instance will award 20,000 experience plus a chance at winning a Dragon Fan, Magical Eggs, Strange Peaches, Damascus Blade, or Hawaii Pizza.

Wonderland Online is published by IGG, publishers of Dreamland Online, Tales of Pirates, and Angels Online.

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Wonderland Online: New Level 120 Instance Released

The Wonderland Online ( team has announced the forthcoming release of a brand new Level 120 instance called ‘Sealed Mythic Monsters’. This instance is for high level players only and will contain difficult challenges that up to 16 players can take on together!

In this new instance, the WLO team has pulled out all the stops and included some of the most fearsome monsters ever created for Wonderland Online. These include the beautiful but deadly Nine-tail Fox, the massive Minotaur, 8-headed Orachi and the guardian of the gates of Hell – Cerberus!

This instance will not reward sloppy play and cavalier attitudes with anything other than a quick death. Strong teamwork and a cunning strategy is required to bring these bosses down, but at end, there will be prizes waiting that will make it all worthwhile!

Instance Info
Players Required: 16
Level Limit: Level 120
Time Limit: 40 Minutes

Instance Rewards
1.  20,000 EXP
2.  Random Item(s):
Dragon Fan (14% critical strike chance) or Magical Egg*2 or Strange Peach*4 or Damascus Blade (14% critical strike chance) or Hawaii Pizza*6.

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