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Wizards of the Coast Empowers Content Creators with Launch of ‘Wizards Creator Program’

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Wizards of the Coast have announced today details for its new Wizard Creator Program, designed to support the growing community of content creators on a variety of social platforms. Eligible Wizards Creators will be given access to special features and perks for themselves and their audiences. Wizards is kicking off the program with a call for submissions from the US and Canada-based Magic the Gathering: Arena players, with more regions to come in the future.  Curious creators are encouraged to apply below.

“We are blown away by the number of creators who have been streaming MTG Arena play since we lifted the embargo on the closed Beta last month and want to give back to this amazing community who support Wizards and Magic: The Gathering,” said Nate Price, Community Manager for Magic: The Gathering Organized Play.  “We designed the Wizards Creators Program to help creators make compelling content and grow their channels, and are committed to working directly with people to ensure they get the most out of their MTG Arena experience.”

Qualified Wizards Creators will receive access to special in-game items, promotion, direct access to Wizards community managers, and more.  Designed to grow and change over time with feedback from the community – the initial program will provide creators with:

  • Promotion: increased visibility, social amplification, and placement on Wizards’ platforms (e.g., our websites, community hub, and channels) to help make community members more aware of the great work that Wizards Creators are doing.
  • Early Access: access to preview content and in-game content early to help Wizards Creators show their communities something new.
  • In-Game Items: sweet in-game swag for both themselves and to share with the members of their communities.
  •  Priority Communication: members-only lines of communication directly with a dedicated staff at Wizards of the Coast headquarters ensure Wizards Creators have a ready ear for any feedback, concerns, or issues they may have.
  • Membership in a Growing Community of Content Creators: Wizards Creators will feel like they are a part of an active and welcoming content-creator community with members-only subforums and additional services and events to ensure members of have plenty of opportunities to feel like they are part of something larger.
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