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Wind Slayer shutting down

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Outspark has announced that it will be shutting down Wind Slayer on August 10.

There will be no character migration, although Outspark will store character data for a while just in case. A special compensation package will be sent to Wind Slayer players via e-mail, and a portion of the Sparkcash spent in game since April will also be refunded to players.

Outspark also publishes Fiesta Online and Secret of the Solstice.

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Dear Slayers,

We greatly appreciate all the support and love you have provided to Wind Slayer. From the first steps into the game to the many levels, weapons, and hours spent fighting your way to the top, we are glad that you spent it here and with us. Because of this, it is very hard for us to announce that Wind Slayer will be closing on August 10, 2011.

Wind Slayer has been an important part of Outspark which made this a hard decision for us to make. For Outspark, it has always been a joy to see the Wind Slayer community grow and evolve from the day we opened the service all the way to now. We understand the amount of effort and dedication all players have been put into Wind Slayer and value the time that you have spent playing this game.

As gamers ourselves we know what its like to become attached to a game’s world and all the people and places in it; we know this is a sad time for you, as it is for the Outspark team. As painful as the sting of leaving this game may be right now, we know that there are a plethora of new gaming experiences out there to experience. As you begin your search we hope you will check out the other games Outspark has to offer and we are preparing a compensation package to help ease you in to these games (details below).

Currently, there are no plans for any kind of character migration. However, we will be temporarily storing all character information, and if there is any change in that plan we be sure to let all players know by email. As for the Wind Slayer store, it will be closing shortly.

Additional details on the compensation package and other information, including redemption codes, will be sent via email by August 3, 2011. Please make sure you are receiving official emails from Outspark. You can update or change your email address at

In addition, we will be partially compensating purchases of Wind Slayer items made from April onwards based on the following policy:

Purchases made in April 2011 will receive 20% of the Sparckash spent. Purchases made in May 2011 will receive 30% of the Sparkcash spent. Purchases made from June and July 2011 will receive 50% of the Sparkcash spent.

As we mentioned, we value all the efforts the everyone has provided to Wind Slayer and Outspark during the life of the game. We hope to see you soon in one or more of our games.

~Outspark Staff

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