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WildStar Beta Access Breakdown

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If you’re eager to get into WildStar’s open beta, pre-ordering, or just trying to figure out what’s going on with beta: a handy flowchart (created by QuantumlyCertain, a WildStar beta tester) has surfaced that will help you understand the unique way that pre-orders, closed beta, and open beta are coming together in the months before release.

Here’s a summary: if you’re currently in closed beta, your level cap will be 50 (up until release); if you’re not, your level cap will be 17. Players who have at least one character past level 32 will get access to all four beta weekends; players who have pre-ordered also get this access plus headstart weekend. All other players will have to wait until May for the open beta.

Wildstar officially releases on June 3.

Wildstar Beta Chart

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